The Miller Gallery at Julia Deckman Studio

Pop the champagne - this gallery wall is good. 

This time of year is one full of festive fun and celebratory gatherings. It seemed only fitting to fill the walls of Julia Deckman Studio + Salon with a salon style gathering featuring the Miller Gallery crew. 

Creating unique gallery walls is one of my favorite things to do. Something about the challenge of mixing styles, textures, colors, and different sized artwork really gets my creative wheels spinning. The contemporary still life by Jen Matthews was our focal anchor. From there we settled on a pseudo jewel tone theme with accents of gold and white. Josh Brown's giraffe and Jenan McClain's subtle, but textural, abstract informed the rest of our spread. A shot of lime green from Scot Rittenbaum, iridescent bugs by Charlotte Fraser, and the sweet balance of automotive paint lathered gummy bears by Olivia Bonilla fell right into place. 

Salon style gallery wall, tips on hanging art together, textures, colors, balance.

On adjacent walls we had the joy of featuring the newest collections by two female artists: Suzy Lindow and Mione Plant. Both women took inspiration from their personal lives to create some pretty stunning artwork. Learn more about Suzy's series here and take a gander at Mione's newest collection here! Mione's Formula Rebel series is currently only available for pre-purchase, but the whole lot goes live on our site Nov 21 at 8am ET. 

Miller Gallery pop-up shop featuring artwork by Suzy Lindow and more. Painted aerial beach scenes hang on a mural style wall.
Six paintings by Dallas-based artist Mione Plant. Formula Rebel series.

Encapsulating our pop-up space are two walls filled with clusters of whimsy. Julian Martinez's realism-meets-Pollock and Julia Deckman's interior architectural series seemed to captivate the art historians in attendance at the opening reception. 

A trifecta of tricolored gummy bears and baby sea turtle triplets by Josh Brown welcome guests on the right entry wall. Did we say we think these three bears should stay together? Perfection.

Cement gummy bears by Olivia Bonilla and sea turtles on pop tart by Josh Brown

Hey, if you can't make it to our pop-up this week, no worries. We know it's a busy time of year for everyone - Enjoy this festive, fun season and if you're looking for additions to your gallery wall or a single statement piece, give us a shout. For a limited time there is a special 10% off discount code in honor of our pop-up at JDS. Use MGxJDS until 11/20/22. 

Gallery wall installation by The Miller Gallery. Black ostriches on blue background, black and white abstract paintings by Kiah Bellows, figure drawing by Laura Dargan, artwork by Mione Plant.

We sincerely appreciate you shopping from small businesses during this season of celebration. 

P.S. Do you need help with your gallery wall at home? We want to help! Send us an email at with a few photos and an idea of what you're looking for.