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February 1 | Artist Spotlight: Michelle Lawanda for Black History Month | New Works!

February 2 | Jenan McClain Pop Up & Poetry Reading | The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Charleston, SC | 5-7pm ET

February 7 | Angela Chrusciaki Blehm | Heart Blooms Online Release

February 21 | Laura Dargan's Mini Collection | Online Release

February 26 | Introducing artist AK Hardeman's New Works | Online Release

March 8 | Jenan McClain's Vintage Frame Collection & Poetry Reading | 6-7PM at 785 Meeting Street. All are welcome!

March 19 | Down The Rabbit Hole, A Trio Exhibition ft. Angela Chrusciaki Blehm, Julia Deckman and Suzy Lindow

April 4 | Introducing artist Mary Hamby's New Works | Online Release

April 19 | The Playlist, A Group Exhibition at Hed Hi Studio in Charleston, SC