Duality | A Group Exhibit at Charleston's Art Hotel, The Vendue

The Miller Gallery is pleased to invite you to our pop-up exhibit at Charleston's art hotel, The Vendue. This group exhibition will be on display at The Vendue's Gallery 26 through the end of the year. Explore the exhibit below! 

Duality | A Group Exhibition

An exhibition featuring some of the South's most exciting contemporary artists. Duality explores the diversity found within a single artist's mind - refraining from creating something "expected" of themselves. Big and small, realism and abstraction, functional and decorative; it is possible for one artist to lean into both ideas. 

Featured Artists:

Artwork by Laura Dargan

Artwork by Jen Matthews, Olivia Bonilla and Angela Chrusciaki Blehm

Artwork by Charlotte Filbert

Artwork by Robin Howard and Charlotte Fraser

Artwork by Rachael Nerney

Artwork by Jen Matthews, Olivia Bonilla, and Jenan McClain

Artwork by Liv Antonecchia and Station 28.5 Photography

Photography by Station 28.5
Artwork by Julia Deckman and Kate Hooray Osmond

Artwork by Dixie Purvis and Laura Dargan

Artwork by Robin Howard and Laura Dargan


For inquiries or purchasing please email info@themillergallery.com.

The show is on display at The Vendue's Gallery 26 located at 19 Vendue Range Charleston, SC. Available to view in-person through 2022. 

We hope you enjoy this selection of work from our artists!