The Choreography of Color | Julia Deckman Solo Exhibition

We invite you to look through Charleston-based and award winning artist, Julia Deckman's, unique lens during her solo exhibition, The Choreography of Color. The exhibit is on display through mid-September at Charleston's newest downtown venue, HedHi Studio. Julia's latest exhibit deliberately explores the relationships between color and form. 

“Color Choreography” is a deliberate process to explore and showcase the magical relationships between color and form. All elements of this collection (shapes, proportions, color, negative space, texture, etc.) are carefully planned and arranged to achieve a certain energy, much like choreography. Julia's intention is to reveal how special these “simple” ideas of color and form truly are.

“I have discovered that my color obsession is my through line, influencing all of my pieces regardless of style or composition. In color I have found myself.” - Julia Deckman

Image credits: Julia Deckman Studios


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