Small Delicacies | A Duet Exhibit

A duet exhibition - with a twist - just in time for the return of summer. The Miller Gallery will open “Small Delicacies”, a show featuring Greenville’s Teresa Roche and Charleston’s Rachael Nerney. This vibrant exhibit includes both original artwork and home decor designed by Roche and Nerney. 

A statement from the artists: 

It is overlooked moments of beauty that we are most inspired by. The way wildflowers bloom on the side of the road.  Herbs sprouting in terra cotta containers. Seasonal produce spreads at the weekend farmer’s market.  It is fascinating how they expand across so many purposes - home, health, beauty and healing.  Rare moments and delicate situations are often celebrated or honored by an offering of flowers - a symbol of blissful pleasure.  As our lives become more boxed in and the environment more threatened, we become painfully aware of the delicacies of cultivated earth, freshwater streams and the living expression of creativity.  Like gardens, our children are precious and don’t blossom without cultivation.  Small moments in the garden, at the table or with our loved ones are small delicacies and should be looked upon and celebrated as just that.  Our work celebrates these moments in our lives over the past year. 

Teresa Roche is a painter, collagist, and textile designer based out of her gallery/studio in Greenville, SC. Her work has graced the walls of both corporate and private collections. She has been exhibiting at The Miller Gallery since 2017. 

“As a painter, my work depicts sun-drenched southern imagery and faded articles of the past. My creative process begins with these everyday, mundane, deteriorated pieces and is punctuated with fleeting moments from my surroundings, memories of my childhood and everyday life.” - Roche

Rachael Nerney’s artwork is an ode to Charleston's organic beauties. She focuses on culinary and botanical inspired subjects. From sliced citrus destined for cocktails to fresh herbs from the garden, Nerney captures the fleeting moments and memories we share with food through vibrant color, light and pattern. Her goal is to spread joy to communities with her whimsical illustrations. For Small Delicacies, Nerney joins Roche by exploring textile design alongside her original paintings.

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