Grounded | Miles Purvis Solo Exhibition

Miller Gallery is pleased to share our May feature exhibition, Grounded. Miles Purvis Daniel is a South Carolina native best known for her vibrant collaged faces. Inspired by the many women who bring light into her life, Miles celebrates the beauty of womankind and the courage behind the muses.  

Shared secrets of healing and unencumbered love have been constant themes within Miles’ collaged works since she began her career, after graduating with a BFA from the University of South Carolina. “Sometimes [my art] is a reflection of my southern upbringing, sometimes it stems from an intriguing conversation with a stranger. With each piece, my focus is to create a captivating pause in the midst of movement for its viewer. That may be by combining repurposed materials and painted papers into a collaged body of work or focusing on forming bold strokes of pigment into an unusual pattern”, says Miles. 



The artist has stepped into a new phase of creation, stating, “Grounded is the visual extension of the season of life I am living and learning to thrive within. A woman’s journey to growing her family, one that has not gone as planned and still unknown. Through this season, an unexpected gift has been given to me. In the midst of the isolating darkness of waiting for a child, I have discovered the joy of true self love, wellness and gratitude. To flourish is to trust the process of life to be on your side for your highest good and greatest joy.”

“To be humble is to be grounded in knowing who you are. It implies the responsibility to become what you were meant to become—to grow, to reach, to fully bloom as high and strong and grand as you were created to. It is not honorable for a tree to wilt and shrink and disappear. It’s not honorable for a woman to, either.” - Glennon Doyle Melton, Untamed 

We had a wonderful response to Miles Purvis’s new collection. If you missed out on a piece that you loved, Miles is taking on a limited number of commissions. For more information please contact or visit our website