Places & Spaces | A Collection by Julia Deckman

The Miller Gallery is pleased to share a first look into Julia Deckman's new collection of architectural portraits inspired by photography and design. Julia is a contemporary painter exploring a range of composition styles while always remaining focused on color.

Take a deeper dive into Julia's artistic process and inspiration with us below. 

Places & Spaces

Miller Gallery: Tell us more about this series and what inspired you. 

Julia Deckman: "I have always been inspired by architecture, and love finding the lines and shapes within structures.  I juxtapose precise forms with loose, gestural landscapes and details."
JD: "This is the first architectural series I've released since developing "Color Choreography", my abstract approach to color studies. I really enjoyed applying the lessons I've learned in the studio over the past few years to "Places & Spaces."

The collection features 14 original paintings, ranging from 6" x 8" to 12" x 16" in size. Julia states, "Oil paints give me endless options and flexibility when mixing colors. I tend to turn up the volume on light, shadows, and color when I study architecture, highlighting the details that capture my imagination."

A Look Into The Collection

MG: Are these pieces inspired by your favorite places?

JD: "These places and spaces represent vignettes I would love to personally visit. The collection is basically a list of life goals in oil on-panel portraits. A big thanks to my friend and photographer, Kate Blohm, for supplying the majority of the reference photography." 

 Pink Ponders | 9" x 12"

Citrus Skies | 16" x 12"

Just Because | 8" x 6"

Grecian Getaway | 16" x 12"

Through The Leaves | 6" x 8"

Happy Hour | 12" x 9"


 A Retreat | 12" x 9

 Backyard Dip | 9" x 12"

 A Familiar View | 8" x 6"

Pattern Play | 12" x 9"

Poolside Patterns | 6" x 8"

Snooze Button | 9" x 12"

Tea Time | 12" x 9"

Tranquil Tiles | 12" x 9"


All works will be available online October 18th at 10AM ET. For any pre-sale inquiries please email us at info@themillergallery! Shop more works from Julia Deckman here

Thank you for tuning into our chat with Julia and her new collection!