Edible Diaries | A Collection by Rachael Nerney

We are thrilled to showcase Charleston-based artist, Rachael Nerney's, latest collection "Edible Diaries". Filled with color and inspiration from local markets, Rachael's newest body of work invites you to explore the transformative power of food. 

The collection is on display at the Saul Alexander Gallery at the Charleston County Public Library in the heart of downtown Charleston. This exhibition will be on view from September 1st - 29th. Join us for an artist talk and reception on September 20th from 5-7pm. Located at 68 Calhoun Street, Charleston SC 29401.  

Read more about Rachael and this colorful collection below. 

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Miller Gallery: Tell us about your process and journey as an artist.

Rachael Nerney: "I’ve been painting food now for a decade. It started as a spark when visiting the Savannah farmer’s market during my senior year at SCAD. It led me to apply to work at Whole Foods Market where I depicted food on menu chalkboards and displays. I transitioned to painting food in a more traditional sense in 2017 through simple, small watercolors of produce. Over time I have grown through the materials I use, the scale of which I present my food illustrations, and finally the narratives that the paintings tell."

MG: Where do you find inspiration for you work?

RN: "I am inspired by food, community, and sustainability. But more importantly, I am deeply inspired by the beauty of fleeting, intimate, ordinary moments. While my studio practice has focused on food for years, I’ve realized the need to expand upon this idea outside of my home studio. By putting my work in an accessible space and connecting with the Charleston community, I can foster deeper food related conversations." 

MG: Tell us about this new collection and the meaning behind it. 

RN: "This body of work is about the transformative power of food. From the shelves of the grocery store to local farm stands on the corner, there are so many more stories around what we eat and where it comes from. I believe stories about food are a constant reminder that not only do we care about food, but we care about each other. 

Using food as the foundation for conversation and connection is a powerful tool in an ever evolving and divided world. Something that I believe we can all agree on (put best by Alice Waters) is that we want our food to nourish our children, strengthen our families, and build lasting communities."

"The work I created for this solo exhibition visually depicts our very personal consumer choices around food. Our divided world is poignantly reflected in the food we have easy access to, which is determining what we eat. Fresh foods from the farmers market will be displayed alongside labels for “natural” and “fresh” packaged products found on grocery store shelves. My goal is to share why it is important to support local farmers and why humanity can’t survive on packaged food. 

I believe in nourishment from physical food and from the connections fostered when gathering around the table.The series will envelop you much like the grocery store does through bright colors and repetition of familiar images. The overall feeling I want these pieces to emit is a sense of familiarity, imperfection, and home. I want to capture everyday communions around food because I believe overlooked moments hold the most magic."

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