Incantation | A Duet Exhibition ft. Charlotte Filbert & Charlotte Fraser

We are thrilled to share our current exhibition, Incantation, with you! Incantation is a duet exhibition showcasing photorealist paintings by Charlotte Fraser and bold, textured abstracts by Charlotte Filbert. Celebrating all things enchanting and full of wonder, we invite you to explore this magical collection of works and get your spooky on. 

The full collection can be previewed here

Meet the artists

Charlotte Filbert

Charlotte Filbert is a well-known American artist and painter who has sold more than 10,000 paintings worldwide to date. Charlotte showed her interest in painting at the early age of 5 and has since then exhibited her work in several galleries and art fairs from the late 90s to the present day. She attended Bryn Mawr Preparatory School during her formative years and later, in 1998, she earned her BFA in Painting and Art History from The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. Her career as an artist has taken her all across the country, having studios in Santa Fe, the Hamptons, NYC, and Florida at various points in her career. She has exhibited alongside some of the most prominent artists, including Chagall, Picasso, Miro, Banksy, Harif Guzman, John Codling, Shepard Fairey, and Mr. Brainwash. Charlotte spends her time creating vibrant abstract large-scale oil paintings that are now a part of numerous collections and have dedicated collectors all over the country and world. Her artwork is owned by well-known personalities such as Robin Williams, Tommy Hilfiger, Christie Brinkley, and Huey Lewis. Charlotte draws inspiration for her work from travel, nature, music, and social issues - particularly, music before 1990, trees, climate, and animal rights issues. Her heavy use of thick oil paint gives her artwork a sculptural and mosaic quality that is unmistakably hers. Learn more about Charlotte here!

Charlotte Fraser

Charlotte Fraser is a Lowcountry native, born and raised in Hilton Head. With creative parents who fostered a love of the arts and the natural world around us, Charlotte has been making art since childhood. After graduating from Clemson with her bachelor's and Harvard with her master's, she spent many years as an art teacher, cultivating the skills and passions of her students from Arkansas to DC, to Charleston. Now, as a full-time mother and artist, she works in her home studio in Charleston, SC. Her strong draw to macro photography has inspired her paintings of a singular strong subject. This intentional way of painting gives full respect and appreciation to every aspect of that subject.  

The Exhibition

"Just Illusion" by Charlotte Filbert & "The White Witch" by Charlotte Filbert

"Strange Love" by Charlotte Filbert

"Amidst the chaos, I've come to appreciate the tranquility of simplicity. In a world filled with growing catastrophic events, the idea of less becomes increasingly appealing. I find solace in this pursuit of perfection and a quieter, simpler existence. I believe this is what I called into my new work for Incantation." - Filbert

"Professor Trelawney" by Charlotte Fraser & "Uncontrollable Urge" by Charlotte Filbert

 Incantation dives deep into Fraser's lifelong curiosity for strange and unusual things and characterizes them with her love for the supernatural and mystical beings. This collection is named after some of her favorite fantasy characters, above is "Moiraina" from A Wheel In Time

"Transformation" by Charlotte Filbert and "Khal Drogo" & "Samwell Tarly" by Charlotte Fraser

"Khal Drogo" & "Samwell Tarly" by Charlotte Fraser

"Transformation" by Charlotte Filbert and "Khal Drogo" & "Samwell Tarly" by Charlotte Fraser

 "Princess Ciri" by Charlotte Fraser

"Dear God" & "Dancing in the Dark" by Charlotte Filbert

"True to Life" by Charlotte Filbert

"Walk the Night" by Charlotte Filbert

The full exhibition is shoppable here! Thank you for tuning into our blog and learning about featured artists, Charlotte Filbert & Charlotte Fraser. 

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