Guest Curator | Erin Barrett

The Miller Gallery is so excited to welcome guest curator, Erin Barrett, the mastermind and talent behind SunwovenWe loved seeing which pieces Erin chose for our collaboration, and learning why and how she incorporated them into her cozy, vibrant home.
Erin Barrett of Sunwoven


Erin is a fiber artist and textile designer based out of her home studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Soon after being introduced to the art of weaving, Erin started researching more about the craft and eventually taught herself how to weave. From there, the beloved hobby blossomed into the small business that Sunwoven is today. Through this work, Erin hopes to bring warmth, happiness, and inspiration into the homes of others with each handmade piece she creates.


Take a peek at Erin's favorites from our selection of contemporary artists

 "This lovely large-scale piece spoke to me immediately. I love the colors that Julia chose for this painting and the bold statement that it makes. This piece would work so beautifully hung as the main focal point in any home."


 "This framed canvas piece by Suzy Lindow feels both playful & modern to me. The colors all work so well together and I adore the circled "Hi" at the bottom of the painting. I could see this piece living in a family room that is full of energy and people."



"This one is so interestingly beautiful to me! I love how the colors and the painting itself are flat, but simultaneously not lacking in depth. I styled this in my kitchen and it was the perfect addition to the space."


 "How could you not love this! This cupcake sculpture is pure joy and such a perfect conversation piece. This is the sort of work that I would never get tired of seeing in my home and would always bring me joy."


 "This piece by Laura Dargan feels soft and easy to me. The brighter blue sits so well with the peachy pink and really makes this painting interesting & comforting to spend time with."


 "The juxtaposition of the material used for this sculpture with the color is what initially drew me to this piece. It is interesting to look at from every angle, and I like the textured aspect of the piece in a softer space such as a bedroom."

 "As a fan of mid-century design and style, (Celadon) was a definite yes for me. I love the modern shapes that the artist used in this piece as well as the color choices. "

 "The organic shape of (Fade), done in a neutral color, creates such a calm and interesting piece. I could see this sculpture styled on a bookshelf or in a dining room space. "

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We can't thank Erin enough for taking the time to thoughtfully curate some of her favorite Miller Gallery pieces. Follow her on Instagram and visit her website to learn more about Erin and her work.
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All of Erin's MG picks will be 10% off using code: SUNWOVEN10
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xo, The Miller Gallery