Olivia Bonilla online release | A dozen new cupcakes & cowboy candies

A virtual release of new works by Olivia Bonilla in partnership with the Vendue Art Hotel. 

Exhibit Date(s): January 30 | 10am EST

Bonilla states, "Cowboy Candy is inspired by the recurring theme of nostalgia. As a 90’s baby, I have an admiration for anything retro. Sensitive to the reapportion of symbolism in advertisements in a consumerism driven society and playing with the idea of instant gratification are a constant theme in my work. I like to call it "The Sugar High". Although sugar is a timeless subject, so is what we perceive to be nostalgic. Cowboy Candy evolved from The Urban Cowboy in all of us. The symbolic toy gun makes reference to vintage play pushed through the evolution of cinematic plot. The humor in Roger Rabbit, the sexy cool of James Dean, the seductive persuasion of early Marlboro advertisements, and the flashy symbolism of slot machines are only some of my influences. Nostalgia is individual person to person, a pastime, a color palette, a sensory trigger taking you down the dreamy road. This is my Cowboy Candy…"

Pieces from this exhibit are available online here.