Our motto at Miller Gallery is Art For All. While we know not every piece of artwork is going to resonate with every person (and it shouldn’t!), we do believe that art is something everyone should be able to enjoy - on our walls and in their personal spaces!

After a zillion hours of research we finally found an interest-free art payment company that we’re excited to partner with. They understand the importance of artists being paid in full, immediately, and they understand the intricacies of small business life.

So, have you heard of Art Money? If not, we'd love to introduce you!


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By filling out the 2 minute application on their site you can apply for interest-free art buying power.

You can make 10 payments, over the span of 10 months, with a minimum down payment of 10%... and you get your artwork right away!

To learn more or start using Art Money now, head to their site to sign up. We did it ourselves and guys, it really is EASY. 

Whether you're looking to diversify your assets by investing in artwork or you've been saving up to buy a piece you love, this is a win-win solution.

Click here to see answers to many FAQs! 


The process: 

1. Create an account with Art Money. They'll send you an email confirmation which will then direct you to answer some financial questions. Once your account information is approved, your account is active! 

2. Reach out to Miller Gallery and let us know you'd like to purchase a piece of art using Art Money. Miller Gallery will then send you an invoice stating the full value of the artwork. 

3. Log in to your Art Money account and fill out the quick art buying check list. This will include selecting Miller Gallery as the selling gallery, inputting the artwork title, artist name, and the amount you'd like to finance. These details will be on your invoice that we send to you. 

4. Miller Gallery will approve your purchase request and you'll place a 10% deposit directly to Miller Gallery (cash, check, credit card, PayPal). If we're shipping your artwork then the shipping costs will be due up front, paid directly to the gallery. 

5. Take your art home - or we will ship to you! Congratulations, you've completed your purchase with Art Money! 


Once you're ready to use your Art Money, let us know! It's a quick and easy process to finalize the sale and get your artwork shipped to you right away! 

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Unfortunately, we cannot perform Art Money transactions through our website at this time, so you'll need to email us at info@millergallerychs.com or call 843-764-9281 during our business hours. Art Money can be utilized during pre-sales and on commission orders (which typically have a wait time). Discounts/promos do not apply to any Art Money purchases.