Pattern Play: The Art of Mixing & Matching

It’s no surprise here that we are total color lovers, and if you’ve found your way to our corner of the creative world, we’d like to think you are too! 

If you love colors and patterns, we invite you to explore our newest exhibition, "Down The Rabbit Hole". It features three of our top female contemporary artists, Angela Chrusciaki Blehm, Suzy Lindow, and Julia Deckman, whose works are full of whimsical compositions, bold colors, and patterns inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

When curating a show, one of our favorite parts of the process is the installation. It may seem daunting, but in reality it’s very similar to placing art in your home and adding to your collection. While curating, we ask ourselves a few questions like “What pieces are speaking to each other?” or "Does this feel balanced?". If you’ve ever wondered how to pair pieces together or mix and match with patterns, here is your guide to help you do the same in your home!

1. Find your color palette

One of our go-to’s is to find a cohesive color palette within the works. An example is this trio grouping featuring Suzy Lindow’s “Rainbow Peeps”, Angela Blehm’s “Tea With Juliet and Amy”, and Julia Deckman’s “Tall Tea Stack 1”. 

As you can tell, blue is the dominant color in this grouping. You can see it bounce around in all three pieces from the striped background in Angela’s tablescape piece to the blue sunglasses in Suzy’s piece. The varying shades of blue in all three artworks create a cohesive visual.

The secondary colors that stand out are shades of red, purple, green, and yellow. While they’re all slightly different, the color palettes between the three are harmonious enough that you can feel the “conversation” between them. The purple dollops on the cake, to the purple pattern on the teacup, and the wavy hair on Suzy’s peeps. They are all complimenting each other without being overwhelming, which is the ultimate goal.

2. Understand Types of pattern

There are a variety of patterns, but these are the most prominent seen in "Down The Rabbit Hole". Notice the scale of the pattern, is it delicate and spaced out - or bold and predominant?

3. Finding Balance 

Part of the art of mixing and matching is finding the balance between the patterns or works. Scale plays such an important role, and a mix of large-scale and smaller-scale patterns will create a visually balanced look. It’s also fun to mix and match patterns, like florals with geometric shapes! 

4. Trust your gut

We always go with our gut when pairing art. If it makes you stop, think and feel something you're headed in the right direction. But when in doubt, send us a message! We’re always here to help make your space come to life with art. 

Thank you for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed "Down The Rabbit Hole". Explore the full collection here!

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