New Arrivals from Mary Hamby

We are thrilled to welcome Mary Hamby of Twenty Two West to our gallery roster! She has created a whimsical collection inspired by her childhood memories. Read on to learn more about her inspirations, process, favorite tools, and more! 

Q: Could you tell us a bit about this new series and your use of textiles in your art?

A: This new series is based on things I did as a kid. For example, my sewing teacher’s name was Mrs. Bunch and my dad would also make “bunch” related puns, so I titled the hand sewn quilted piece “I Hope You Have a Bunch of Fun” based on that memory. My sisters and I also took many years of piano lessons, but I somehow managed to wiggle out of them and would end up arranging flowers with my piano teacher’s wife. Inspired by child’s play, my hope is that this collection will add a little extra joy to the spaces that they hang in. 

As for textiles, I am so drawn to the tenderness they bring to my designs. A true contradiction - fiber holds space for strength and softness - a balance I’m always trying to strike myself. The memories this collection is based on makes me feel soft and cozy but I know they made me the strong woman I am today. 

My Piano Days


Q: How about your background in interior design? Has this influenced or inspired your art? or maybe it's the other way around?

A: Interior design taught me to pay attention to the details and the importance of designing in thoughtful layers. I have loved the transition from designing spaces to composing canvases. They are both about color, composition, style, scale, and combining the unexpected to make something new while still feeling familiar.  Its Just Drip Dropping


Q: What is your greatest source of inspiration?

A: This collection was inspired by my memories. There are so many sweet little details tucked into each piece. For example, “It’s Just Drip Dropping” was inspired by mornings spent with my mom and two sisters feeding the ducks at the local university ponds. I’m the middle duck stepping just like my mom in the painting. I loved being outside and even when it was raining I would beg to go outside claiming that it wasn’t raining “it was just drip dropping”. 

Generally speaking, my art is a reflection of who I was during the time that I made it - what trip I just got back from or am planning, what tile I saw behind the bar during date night, the way that two colors met on the side of a building. Inspiration is always changing me so while my art will always come through my filter and therefore have my style, it will constantly be evolving with me and that is truly one of my favorite things. 


Q: What is your favorite tool to use in the studio?

A: I probably would have said a ruler (which you can still see the use of in my work) but I have been really enjoying the scratchy marks of my color pencils recently. 

Q: Do you have any big art goals for the future?

A: I just opened my own studio and showroom! My hope is to make art feel more approachable as I welcome visitors to see my process and enjoy the works on display. Everyday that I get to continue being a career artist is my big art goal come true!  


Q: Do you have a favorite place to visit, or maybe a place you'd love to visit in the future?

A: My husband and I went to Oaxaca, Mexico a few years ago for a film festival he was in and I don’t think a week goes by without me thinking about that trip. It was a last minute adventure full of fun, art, and some of the best food I’ve ever had.  

I Hope you Had a Bunch of Fun


Q: Do you have a favorite color?

A: Any shade of an off beat, pea green. Anything that can be described with words like citrine, moss, sundance, golden, etc.

Number Two Doubles in green and Number Two Doubles in Pink


A big thank you to Mary for taking the time to answer our questions. Her whimsical collection is now available on our site!