Modern Anatomy | Colorful, Sexy & Bold

Miller Gallery’s first exhibition of 2021 is a contemporary art-lover’s dream. Two all star artists, Angela Chrusciaki Blehm and Suzy Lindow of Wink Wink studio will be showcased in Modern Anatomy.

Angela Chrusciaki (kroo-sha-kee) Blehm is “obsessed with offbeat beauty”. She has been dishing out her fierce femme style to Miller Gallery patrons since 2018. With numerous sold out shows in her pocket, Blehm will be expanding upon her portfolio of bright, layered woodcuts; this time with the whole body in mind. Her iconic artwork of striped ribbons, lips, and legs will be appearing in a fresh light.
Suzy Lindow is best known on social media as Wink Wink studio. She is a mother of three active kiddos and a full-time artist, based out of Virginia. This will be her second time exhibiting at Miller Gallery, with her debut as a guest artist in October 2020’s Into The Mystic exhibition. Her paintings can be narrowed down to two general subject matters: “Peeps and Weird”. While the ambiguity of the two descriptions may raise a few eyebrows, one look at her portfolio and you’ll get it.

Read on to learn more about their upcoming duet show!


What aspect of working/exhibiting with the other artist excites you the most? 

Suzy: Getting the opportunity to work with Angela for this show legit gives me all the happy shivers down my spine. I've been a huge fan of her ever since stumbling upon her feed years ago on IG (as one does) and immediately fell in love with her whole aesthetic (as one also does). Her work is the perfect balance of over-the-top wild and chic; her daring approach to color and pattern makes me do backflips, as a fellow Fun Enthusiast. It's also incredibly sexy without forgetting the whimsy, and could elevate a basement apartment in Queens enough to feel like the poshest downtown boutique hotel, it's that good. To get to hang with her and collaborate--I've got bruises from pinching myself!

Angela: Suzy’s use of pattern and interesting color combinations really rev up my engine!  I communicate through visual patterns and the joy of color, so it is like finding someone in a foreign land who speaks my language—a sense of camaraderie and true understanding.  While I think there is a mutual affinity for these art aspects between us, she further motivates me to communicate through her command of line and gesture, her ability to convey ideas and emotions through deconstructed norms.

How is this body of work different from others you have created? 

Suzy: This current body of work is by far the most literal translation of all the bits and bobs of inspiration I've mentally catalogued over time. I have an eBay watch list as long as a Walgreens receipt; regularly trolling handmade rugs and textiles, and other vintage tchotchke goodies, has always put gas in my creative tank, but these pieces convey specific patterns, shapes, compositions, and color combos that got especially stuck in my mind. While a treasure hunting trip to an antique mall or estate sale has long influenced my color palettes and process, it's these most recent works that most concretely convey all the lovely hues and patterns of say, a vintage patchwork quilt or handmade Suzani.

Angela: I feel like I’m expanding my color palette, informed by Suzy’s paintings, and trying a new version of playfulness in my color selection.



What are you looking forward to in 2021? 

 Suzy: What am I looking forward to most in 2021? You mean besides a vaccine and sending my kiddos (fingers crossed) back to school?? haha Kidding. Kind of. I'm really looking forward to continuing to explore unexpected color palettes and compositions with both my beloved peeps and beyond. I'd like to try my hand at sculpture or (really) large scale collage. I'm a sucker for texture and dimension.

Angela: My studio expansion finished up at the end of 2020 so I am beyond excited to start fresh in 2021 in my new space and curious how the elbow room will inform my work.

Digital and in-person guests of this exhibition will be pleased to see the collective sexiness of these two artists’ styles in one space. Online sales will begin February 10 at 10am EST. A Covid-pending gallery opening is scheduled for February 13 from 1-4pm. Visit our Instagram account, @millergallerychs to learn more.