Meet the Makers | BR Design Co.

BR Design Co. is a collaboration of sisters Carlene Browner and Cassandra Browner Richardson.  The sisters create polymer clay jewelry and accessories in Charleston, South Carolina.  Clay jewelry has been a huge part of their lives for well over three decades.  They learned the art of polymer clay from their mom Queenie growing up and in 2007 decided to merged their different styles.  Carlene, a first grade teacher loves color and color mixing.  Cassandra, a Registered Nurse prefers neutrals.  Carlene and Cassandra describe their style as 'Modern Color'.

Miller Gallery and BR Design Co. have been working together for years now. One of their favorite collaborations was a collection inspired by Miles Purvis Daniel's artwork that debuted in August of 2018. 

In honor of Black History Month we are proud to introduce the ‘Heritage’ Collection. It can be found exclusively here 
at Miller GalleryCassandra told us about who inspired this beautiful collection.

"Umi was born in Kenya.  Her father is a doctor there.  Her mother is also a doctor from Detroit, Michigan.  She has dual citizenship and went home to visit early last year and then could not return due to COVID.

She is a Registered Nurse and we met 25 years ago while I was nursing in Groton, Connecticut.  She has been working as a nurse while there helping with the COVID crisis and is now working to get vaccinations to some of the poorest citizens.  She hopes to be able to return to her life in Chicago in 2022.  Umi is the definition of service." - Cassandra B. Richardson

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