Mary Hamby

Tiny Plant Butterfly

  • Original piece by Mary Hamby of Twenty Two West
  • Measures 4"
  • Porcelain and brass

" Meet your plant's best friend, the Plant Butterfly. It's the perfect accessory to bring an artful touch to your plants that adds countless joy—and it’s gloriously giftable! Coming in two sizes, there is a butterfly perfect for peeking out of a bud vase or tucked into the dirt of your favorite plant pot. Hand glazed in this season’s hues and pops of vintage color, the Plant Butterfly collection is designed to be mixed and matched. Just like all Twenty Two West pieces, the beauty is in the details—look for the most delicate abstraction of little antennas created with wire and our signature metal crimp bead details on our Classic Plant Butterfly. These are such an easy yes and beloved by all, so get ready to add some playful character to your home." - Twenty Two West

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