Mione Plant

The Bolder Her Boulders

  • original painting by Mione Plant
  • 37 x 37 inches
  • acrylic on canvas
  • framed in a white floater 
  • wired and ready to hang
  • ships from artist's studio

From the artist:

She didn’t have time to think about them anymore. To compare them, to judge them, to feel they were anything less than gems.

Enough about their size and symmetry, their roundness and softness, their perkiness and all their lack thereof.

Enough with straps pulling and hooks pushing, wires digging and cups spilling.

Enough worrying when walking into a cold room, or lamenting their post-nursing change. Enough having too much or never enough.

Enough with trying to make them look their best, rather than trying to feel her best.

So instead she thinks about support. How to best support her body, so she can better support her goals.

To be comfortable in her breasts, and bolder in her quest.

Her boulders not the ones she carries, but the ones she seeks to climb.

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