Jenan McClain

Struck In Stillness

  • Original artwork by Jenan McClain
  • 31.5" x 41.5" french acrylic on canvas
  • Framed, ready to hang
  • This piece is part of our show, Statement Pieces, that is exhibiting through March 12th. Artwork will ship after the show is over.
"I have lived in 
Too many houses: 
Hostages of hope,
Prisons of perfection,
Dwellings of denial,
Shelters of shame. 
My dream is a home,
A mansion,
Expansive in wisdom,
Rich in creation,
A foundation in freedom. 
Bricks built from bravery,
Steps struck in stillness
My home is awareness 
Married to softness,
God and all goodness. "
- Jenan McClain

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