Jenan McClain

Songs of the Ocean

  • Original painting by Jenan McClain
  • This textural artwork measures 13.5" x 17.5"
  • Artwork is ready to hang in a gold frame
“Songs of the Ocean”

One day 
I want 
To accompany
Clouds floating 
In skies across oceans.
Where nobody 
Knows the tides 
Darker truths-
The stories, 
And battered 
Sand dollars,
The coral 
Cut soles,
The miles 
Hidden in 
Piles beneath 
The dunes.  
I long 
To land 
In places 
Where my 
My heart 
Can rest 
With birds 
Gently gliding 
In waters unfeathered,
And suns unweathered,
And winds untethered,
To yesterday’s 
An introspection,
Led resurrection,
To self reflection
Marred in moons:
Starry precursors 
To daylight 
- Jenan

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