Kate Hooray Osmond


  • Original painting by Kate Hooray Osmond.
  • Measures 84” x 60” oil, gold leaf, and pigment on canvas
  • Artwork was featured in the 2021 City Gallery at Waterfront Park exhibition titled Prototype of a Landscape feat. Alice Keeney, Mary Stuart Hall and Kate Hooray Osmond 

As with all of Osmond's artwork, there is much more than what meets the eye. From 1000 feet in the air she found perspective, literally and figuratively, that deserved a permanent place on canvas: ⁠

"The only things that I painted were the light reflections and emissions from the factory. No physical parts of the buildings were painted. I wanted to show the energy that was being given to/ reflected to the landscape". - Kate Hooray Osmond ⁠

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