Mione Plant

Masters of the Subtle

  • original painting by Mione Plant
  • 24 x 24 inches
  • acrylic on canvas
  • framed in a light wood floater frame
  • wired and ready to hang
  • learn more about The Formula Rebel Collection here

From the artist:

What would it look like to be a person that knows how to self-soothe? 
To trade in the large inconsistent bursts of dopamine - a flooding of the senses - for the reliable hum of the small, the quiet, the subtle? 
To savor a moment – of stillness, of calm, of lightness – for our conscious nourishment. 
To question the formula of how we’re supposed to unwind, in search of our personal restoration and collective liberation. 
A courage to take on the edge, to sit in it, with it. 
To no longer hide from our triggers, but to seek their release.
To shift from purveyors of the grand, to masters of the subtle.


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