Jenan McClain

Love In Nature

  • original painting by Jenan McClain
  • heavily textured acrylic paint on canvas
  • 18 x 18 inches w/ frame
  • framed in a white wood and gold floater 

Painting is inspired by artist's poem:

 My Favorite Tree

There she is
Shaped as a woman,
Curvy and open,
Accepting and wise.
The grounded goddess
I return yearly to
Mid day and I pray.
Her body older-
A grander lady,
A queen rooted
In reverence.
I ask mercy,
She spreads peace.
I ask remembrance,
She softly acknowledges.
I seek answers,
She gives grace-
Not once asking
Anything herself
Her arms carry
My grief and I know
Nature is love and
Love is here-
The august summer wind,
The low country calling.


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