Mione Plant

Just The Right Amount Of Wrong

  • original painting by Mione Plant
  • 24 x 24 inches
  • mixed media on wood panel
  • framed in a light wood floater frame
  • wired and ready to hang
  • learn more about The Formula Rebel Collection here
  • This piece is part of our show, Statement Pieces, that is exhibiting through March 12th. Artwork will ship after the show is over.

From the artist:

My favorite tool in the box. A panacea for anything out of sorts.
But suddenly it doesn’t seem to soothe. 
Things are starting to feel a little bit off.
Off balance, off center, off course, off kilter. 
Perhaps off is ok. 
Perhaps the path isn’t polished and perfect isn’t progress. 
Maybe askew is more accepting. 
Maybe there’s right in the little bit of wrong. 
Maybe that’s how I level up.

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