Kate Hooray Osmond

Free Sleep

  • Original artwork by Kate Hooray Osmond
  • Oil on panel
  • Artwork measures 24" x 60" 
  • This piece is part of our show, Statement Pieces, that is exhibiting through March 12th. Artwork will ship after the show is over.
  • “The process of researching my artwork is the most satisfying to me. I love to read about physics, biology, zen practice, community tragedy, and history and then work on finding the connections between those facets and constructing an aesthetic landscape. With each painting, I try to construct an element of life on earth; I try to develop my theory of everything. I think of my paintings as sketched for the threads of ideas I have. They serve as a snapshot for my process of thought. If I had painted them a day later, they would look different”, says Osmond. 

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