Jenan McClain

Easy On Your Eyes

  • Original artwork by Jenan McClain
  • 25.5" x 25.5" french acrylic on canvas
  • Framed, ready to hang
  • This piece is exhibiting at Hotel Emeline through May 21st. Artwork will ship after the show is over.
"I am a book cover 
Clean, crisp, 
captivating, and confident.  
My jacket-elegant,
Glossy, glimmering 
In grandeur. 
Rich and royal. 
Easy on your eyes

You may trace your 
Fingers on my surface,
Yet your hands 
Hesitate to turn
Through the pages,
A symphonic string-
Words which whimper,
Lines that linger,
Commas capturing 
The crumbling complexity-
Rough realizations,
Hidden hesitations,
Chapters of childhood 

While you may excite 
In my exterior,
Venture past
The anterior and,
You will unearth truth.  
I am beautifully bound. 
And equally eroded." - Jenan McClain

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