Cory Hines


  • Signed archival print by Cory Hines
  • Digital illustration on archival paper
  • Print measures 11" x 14" unframed
  • Framed print measures 17.25" x 21.25"
  • Limited edition of 100

This collection called “Transcend” is a culmination of my training as a painter and a graphic designer. For years I struggled with how to execute my graphic design skills as a fine artist. I asked, does the work I create hold the same value and merit as my paintings? In both creativity and skill, they are equally challenging. And just because something is created on a computer instead of in a paint covered studio does it make it any less artistic? My mind often fights the battle of how to classify myself and my work. I have equal love for both my graphic art and my fine art. Both mediums incorporate my love of pattern, color, and mid-century style. I have determined my illustrations are no less precious or valuable. They are a dynamic juxtaposition of color, while carrying an air of sophistication and elegance. They are modern, but soft and visually captivating.

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