Mione Plant

And Everything In Between



  •  original painting by Mione Plant
  • 24 x 24 inches
  • acrylic and fiber on canvas
  • framed in a light wood floater frame
  • wired and ready to hang
  • learn more about The Formula Rebel Collection here
  • This piece is part of our show, Statement Pieces.                                             

From the artist:


I began dividing the alphabet around four sides, 6 letters each, with two remaining – the A and the Z. Their omission suddenly became the point.

I move now into the meandering, making room for the messy, mustering my inner momentum. 

Relishing the path, its process and all its turns. 

Weaving a way forward; never back to where I started.

Releasing the destination, the perfect ending, the clean finish. 

The goal no longer the A to Z, but everything in between.  

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