The Making of: Mione Plant's "Less Fireworks More Firefly" Series

Texas-based artist, Mione Plant constantly follows her curiosities and draws inspiration from her creative practice. With a decade-long career in engineering, Mione combines the left and right brain, creating beautifully mathematical combinations for those who appreciate both structure and whimsy.⁠

Recently, Mione's fascination with origami and the poetic works of Donna Ashworth led to the creation of four unique firefly pieces.⁠

"when you finally realize that joy is less fireworks more firefly⁠
less orchestra more birdsong⁠
she will come back much more often⁠
for joy will not fight with the fast pace of this life⁠
she is not in the shiny or the new⁠
she breathes in the basic⁠
simmers in the simple⁠
and dances in the daily to and fro⁠
joy has been beckoning you for many a year my friend⁠
you were just too busy doing to see⁠
the very next time joy wraps her quiet warmth around you⁠
as the garden embraces your weary body in its wildness⁠
tip her a nod⁠
she doesn't stay long⁠
but if you are a gracious host⁠
joy comes back"

- Joy Comes Back by Donna Ashworth

"Donna Ashworth’s nudge to welcome fireflies rather than chasing fireworks, is a respite. That the drive to Joy can be quite quiet. The size of Joy, petite. The duration of Joy, ephemeral.

That Joy is the amuse-bouche, not the entree. And that Joy’s promise, is she will come back." - Mione

"I’ve been playing recently with origami. After hearing Donna’s poem, I ventured out to make an origami firefly. Next, to morph this idea to paper, then to wood."
"And select a nighttime inspired palette."
"And help them thrive in the darkness with a shiny coat of resin."
Each piece measures 30" x 20" and is created using acrylic and resin on a custom wood panel. $1750 each. 

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Thank you for enjoying this glimpse into Mione Plant's practice!