Spring has sprung with our latest exhibit; Blooms

The emergence of spring blooms has been a timeless muse for artists. This year Miller Gallery will be turning the spotlight on three South Carolina artists with very different styles of artistry. Our group exhibit Blooms, features Julia Deckman, Miles Purvis Daniel, and Teresa Roche. We’ll be celebrating the exhibition with Friday March 5 from 5-7pm. 


Local artist Julia Deckman is a self-proclaimed art theorist. She explained her take on the subject by saying, “For these pieces I was inspired by contemporary bouquet arrangements. I painted them in intuitive, deconstructed, and of course, color focused compositions”.

Revered collagist Miles Purvis Daniel says, “I have been inspired by the color palettes of Kiana Underwoods’ flower arrangements and the shape of flowers. Particularly, Ranunculus. I cannot get them out of my mind. I am mesmerized by how many layers they have in just one bloom and how the petals can vary into a perfect gradient of color. They are botanical orbs of intrigue for me.”

Greenville-based painter and gallery owner, Teresa Roche, was inspired by two difference experiences. “During Covid, my friend who owns a flower farm was doing live tours on IG through her gardens and flower farm.  I enjoyed that so much and loved listening to her talk about the beautiful dahlia varieties.  I also love Day Lilies and I visit the Johnson Day Lily farm every year in Easley, S.C.  The day Lillies are surround by pastures filled with mama and baby cows and going there is a highlight of early summer.  I take the grandchildren with me and and they run up and down the rows of flowers and squeal with the excitement of seeing the baby cows at feeding time. Both of these things inspired my work as well as a day of horse back riding at Sapphire Valley.”  

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