Obscured Luminosity | A Collection by Laura Dargan

The Miller Gallery is pleased to share a first look into Laura Dargan's new collection of serene abstract paintings. Laura is a contemporary painter driven by exploration of color, material, and surfaces. 

Take a deeper dive into Laura's artistic process and inspiration with us below. 


Miller Gallery: What is your latest collection called?

Laura Dargan: The title of this collection is Obscured Luminosity

MG: How has your work changed/evolved over the past year or two? 

LD: Over the past year or two I feel that I am taking more risks with my work. I’m not only expanding on previous concepts but exploring looser, more intuitive styles as well. Truly painting what I want to paint. 

In my last series, LightScapes, I was focused on the soft layering in each piece, reminiscent of reflected light. Like blurred city lights or a sunset bouncing off of buildings, each piece is re-imagining little vignettes of layered light. 


MG: What is your inspiration and process for these works?

LD: The working title of this collection was LightScapes 2.0 because it is an expansion of my previous body of work, LightScapes. These new pieces follow the same idea but with a little bit of a twist.  

In this new series, my goal was to create a visual that was weightless. Composition was a huge part of this goal. The layers had to be just right. Planned out but intuitive. Since the inspiration for most of my work comes from color itself, this too played a huge part in creating a light-filled, weightless image.  More specifically, the application of the color. Blues, greens, yellows and browns but mixed and applied in a way that removes the richness and depth of color. While creating this collection, I pulled inspiration from the changing landscape as spring is slowly starting to settle in and the weight of winter is lifting away. 

MG: Any exciting plans for your studio time this year?

LD: I have a big, big solo show coming up in October that I will be working on from now until then that I’m really excited about. I’m planning to create some really large pieces and I’m looking forward to the challenge! 

MG: Is there anything else you'd like to share with our collectors?

LD: I am currently open for commissions!

All works will be available online February 21st at 10AM ET. Please email us at info@themillergallery with any questions about Laura's new collection. Shop more works from Laura Dargan here

Thank you for tuning into our chat with Laura and her new collection!