LightScapes | Abstract Series by Laura Dargan

We invite you to explore a playful new collection of abstracts from Charleston-based artist, Laura Dargan. Dargan’s work explores the interaction between unexpected color combinations and irregular shapes. She states that her goal is to create “visual energy”, which is clear from her playful use of form and joyful colors on canvas. Each viewer is left to interpret and connect with the paintings on their own terms.

In her newest series, LightScapes, you'll discover the soft layering in each piece is reminiscent of reflected light. Like blurred city lights or a sunset bouncing off of buildings, each piece is re-imagining little vignettes of layered light. 

View the full collection below. 

Westbound Train | 48" x 48"

City Drive | 36" x 48"

Halt | 48" x 36"

Spotlight | 30" x 40"

Wave Reflection | 30" x 40"

Through The Lens | 36" x 24"

Wooded Drive | 36" x 24"

City Light | 24" x 30"

Sunset Drive | 24" x 36" 

For any questions or inquiries about LightScapes, please email us at info@themillergallery.

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