Guest Curator | Andrea Serrano

The Miller Gallery is thrilled to welcome our first guest curator of 2024, Andrea Serrano! We loved seeing which pieces Andrea chose for our collaboration, and learning what draws her into the works. 

photo by Emily Furney

Meet Andrea

Andrea is a wardrobe stylist, producer, creative director, brand developer, TV & event host, and a small business champion. Based here in Charleston, South Carolina, Serrano helps clients feel beautiful from the inside out.

“My passion is helping people experience the transformative magic of fashion and design in their everyday lives. As a trusted influencer and stylist in Charleston, I continue to work with both local and national brands on boutique and large scale productions. In a world where consumers are bombarded by marketing, my creativity, authenticity, and integrity cut through the noise.”

photo by Callie Cranford for CHS Style & Design Magazine

We’ve known and loved Andrea for years. She is the ultimate friend and cheerleader for so many creatives and small businesses. Her home and sense of style are fun, vibrant, and inspiring. Let’s dig into Andrea’s curation!

Andrea's Miller Gallery Favorites

"I love the colors and movement of this painting. The organic flow drew me in. I can see elements of nature in there - ocean waves, leaves, and petals."

 "I love anything playful and colorful. This series of Gummy bears together make a big impact."

"I love the juxtaposition of classic art with pop art. It’s a technicolor dream!" "I love anything by Jenan McClain and purple is my favorite color. I’m a huge fan of texture and this one has so many elements that draw you in." "I’m obsessed with this lip series and the checkerboard reminds me of the 80’s."

"Julia Deckman always gets me with her graphic elements and complimentary colors. This one is so serene with its calming colors."


photo by Callie Cranford for CHS Style & Design Magazine

We can't thank Andrea enough for taking the time to curate some of her favorite Miller Gallery pieces. Follow her on Instagram and visit her website to learn more about Andrea and her work.

All of Andrea’s Miller Gallery favorites will be 10% off using code: SERRANO10

If you have questions or need help curating your space, send us a message at! We'd love to help make your house a home with art.

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Happy collecting!

xo, The Miller Gallery