Gravity Schmavity | Jen Matthews

In her typical off-beat and dynamic way, minimalist/maximalist artist Jen Matthews flips the traditional still life genre on its head literally and figuratively.

Jen's new collection, Gravity Schmavity, releases on April 4th. Learn more and preview the full collection below! 

About Gravity Schmavity

Still life is a ubiquitous genre in the art world. And while it definitely has its place, to me, the genre tends to feel a little (ironically?) too still. My work has always been focused on exploring the theme of letting go of self-control and discovering the unexpected delight that can show up when you do. So for this series, I was intent on evolving my style by bending, throwing and flipping the contents of ordinary vases to capture the chaotic, eclectic fun thats to be had from embracing the unexpected.” - Matthews

Explore the collection

 Down To Earth I, II, III, IV | 19" x 19" each | sold separately

Falling For You | 25" x 37"

It's Fine I & II | 27" x 37" each | sold separately

 Mirror Mirror | 21" x 25"

The Up Side Of Down | 21" x 25"

Whee | 31" x 37"

Thank you for tuning in to Jen's latest collection. Gravity Schmavity releases online April 4th. For any pre-sale inquiries, please email 

For more available works by Jen Matthews, visit her artist page here