Grass Is Greener | Olivia Bonilla Solo Exhibition

Photo by Taylor Lee Czerwinski

The Miller Gallery is proud to present Charleston artist, Olivia Bonilla's first solo exhibition, Grass Is Greener. Bonilla has taken the better part of a year to develop the largest works in this collection, eloquently adding to her artistic vocabulary. By creating her own silicone molds of sculpted cement she has been able to deepen the narrative of her work. Explore the exhibition below or check out our virtual walkthrough and artist chat here!

Thank you to all our friends and collectors who came and celebrated the exhibition at Silver Hill Studios. The full collection is available through our online gallery or by appointment at our downtown Charleston headquarters. 

Grass Is Greener

Bonilla debutes a new series of classical sculpture reproductions that embody the bridge between Art History and color theory. With a BFA in painting, Bonilla revisits the influence of her classical training through an interpretation of the infamous "Nefertiti" sculpture and the "Head of David". Timely subjects to be included in her first large scale solo show, these two antiquated subjects have been brought back from the dead with a nod to today’s cultural celebration of Queens and sexualized masterpieces from the history books.

Photo by Taylor Lee Czerwinski

A first generation Colombian-American artist, Bonilla focuses on unconventional materials such as pigmented cement and automotive paint in an array of hues, bringing us a fresh addition to the contemporary sculpture scene since 2018.

Cement transforms into frothy landscapes, resin drips appear wet to the touch, and automotive paint culture cross pollinates with Pop Art. This exhibition is an invitation to navigate nostalgia in a new way. Indulge in not-so-edible resin confection. Giant cement cupcakes, a towering wall of rainbow gummy bears, a 4 foot tall tongue-tied cherry, and a “sculpture garden” awash in color are just a few of the enchanting elements. A show for all ages, for Grass is Greener Bonilla brings back the color palettes of the 70s- 90s, three-dimensionally. 

Explore the exhibition

Main Gallery

"Good Kisser" is an original collaboration piece by Olivia Bonilla with fiancé and fabricator Tyler Bennet, owner of Flying Nickel Customs. Bonilla created the cherry our of resin, sculpted foam and plaster. Tyler used traditional blacksmithing as well as modern metal fabrication methods to create the steel cherry stem and aluminum base. 

Black Light Room 

Bonilla often uses fluorescent pigments in her sculptures, giving them a brighter, neon hue. During the exhibition, we created a black light room that made the artwork GLOW! The black lights were on a one minute timer, allowing viewers to experience the pieces in natural light and watch them transform under the black light. 

For any questions or inquiries, please email us at To learn more about Olivia Bonilla and view all her current artwork, please visit her Artist Page

Thank you! 

Kayla & Sarah