Earthly Delights

On April 17, 2021 Miller Gallery celebrated the opening of Earthly Delights. Three South Carolina-based artists explore their interpretation of the theme. Curated in an immersive 900 square foot exhibition space, guests will experience a monumental forest by Filbert, vibrant gilt paintings by Osmond, and decadent culinary illustrations by Nerney.  

Greenville’s Charlotte Filbert has spent the majority of her free time during COVID-19 in the forested mountains surrounding her town. These serene moments have found their way onto the surfaces of her hand stretched, large-as-life canvases. Eight canvases, each five inches thick, transport the viewer into a marvelously textural woodland. 

Filbert states, "In relationship to my artwork what brings me the most delight in this world, is the ability and opportunity to release energy that I have within myself, transferring it into another medium (painting).
Creating “beauty” out of uncertainty, chaos and even love. For me being able to share this with the world having my energy resonate in and within others is a beautiful symbiotic connection between humans. I love this." 

When asked about the delights of the world in relationship to her artistry, Osmond bridges her sources of inspiration. “The process of researching my artwork is the most satisfying to me. I love to read about physics, biology, zen practice, community tragedy, and history and then work on finding the connections between those facets and constructing an aesthetic landscape. 
With each painting, I try to construct an element of life on earth; I try to develop my theory of everything. I think of my paintings as sketched for the threads of ideas I have. They serve as a snapshot for my process of thought. If I had painted them a day later, they would look different”, says Osmond. 

Nerney finds endless delight in the farm-to-table element of contemporary dining, with the joyful presence of loved ones — something we’ve all been yearning for this past year.  
She states, “Food brings me absolute delight and I find it endlessly fascinating to study. Through my artwork I explore the many ways it can be manipulated from its original form from the earth to it’s many recipe preparations. Food is my favorite reason for gathering, connecting with others, and discovering what links us together rather than sets us apart. It’s my favorite part about reuniting with loved ones. Whether we are both sharing pleasure from a meal created together or simply by the act of a shared indulgence. Food is simple, universal, and essential”.

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