Dixie Purvis + Holly Graham

Two abstract artists, two very different takes on the creative process. 

Admirers of serene, ethereal works of art will be delighted by what Holly Graham and Dixie Purvis have developed for this duet exhibition at Miller Gallery. Large-scale paintings by Purvis and 3D mixed media collages by Graham will transport viewers to a personal place of zen. 

Dixie Purvis is an Atlanta-based painter known for her large abstracts in oil. Her paintings are remarkable for their strong varied marks and bold colors. Her mark making suggests the complexity of our human experience – accidental or planned. Events overlap, merge and emerge much like our personal history. She avoids “things” preferring to stay with organic shapes and imagery allowing the viewer to bring their own experience and emotion to the painting.
Purvis’ artwork is included in a large number of corporate collections including: Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta Gas Light, Holder Construction, King and Spalding, Piedmont Hospital, Northwestern Mutual, Georgia Tech, and Ritz Carlton. She received her BFA from Virgina Tech and MFA from the University of Virginia.

Holly was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Her process-based method of painting has come about after creating a solid foundation in art education.  Holly graduated with Honors in Studio Art from Wake Forest University.  There, she studied traditional oil painting, printmaking, and photography.  After working at the prestigious National Gallery of Art and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Holly decided to return to art making full time. 

Today, Holly builds on her knowledge of composition, color theory, and art history while finding freedom in abstract expression. She currently lives in Charlotte with her husband, Matt, two children, Henry and Lila, and their dog, Ruby.

"I drew inspiration for this collection from past experiences of being fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, or flow. These experiences can occur while traveling, working, or simply observing the world around me. The glimpse of a beautiful clear sky in spring, kayaking in the Caribbean, feeling the rhythm and energy of the streets of New York - they can all create moments of flow and energy which translate to color, contrast, and texture. Some pieces have a subtle rhythm, while others have more vitality signified by saturation of color and contrast within the composition. All are meant to express emotion through juxtaposed layers of various substrates. This abstracted form of art has complexity in its use of materials, but the overall feeling is one of serenity when viewing the work as a whole." - Graham

Dixie Purvis + Holly Graham's duet exhibit will be on view through the end of October at The Miller Gallery.
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