Celebrating the end of our 4th year with 2x2

It's no secret that we love curating exhibits from solo shows, duet shows and beyond. We also love to mix things up once in a while with group shows! One of the reasons we love this format is because it gives us the opportunity to collaborate and exhibit guests artists work. We wanted to celebrate the end of our fourth year as Miller Gallery, and we realized a group show was the perfect way to do so. 
Our latest exhibit, 2x2 is a shining example of how amazing a group show can be! The artwork created for the show truly knocked it out of the park. The only parameters we gave to the artists were to paint on a 2' x 2' surface. That's it! 

The end result - 24 artists graced us with 2’ x 2’ paintings, sculptures, and assemblages. And we know you're going to love them!

The featured artists include:
Angela Chrusciaki Blehm
Charlotte Filbert
Charlotte Fraser
Holly Graham
Jen Matthews
Jenan McClain
Julia Deckman
Kate Hooray Osmond
Kiah Bellows
Laura Dargan
Liv Antonecchia
Michelle Lawanda
Miles Purvis Daniel
Rachael Nerney
Robin Howard
Scot Rittenbaum
Suzy Lindow
Teresa Roche
Kit Porter
Gina Julian
Katrina Sanchez Standfield (Fiberess)
Katie Craig
Brook Soss
Molly Pepper 
"I'm so excited for the guest artists that joined us for this exhibit, 2 x 2. When I opened the gallery 4+ years ago I knew it would be a place to foster connections. Through artist friends, collectors, and the good ‘ol gram, Kit Porter, Katie Craig and Gina Julian, and I have been virtually high-fiving as we pass each other in orbit. Now I am thrilled to say their work is on display during this celebratory exhibit!" - Sarah Miller Gelber
Shop the full exhibit online here