Jenan McClain

Growth In Stillness

  • Original artwork by Jenan McClain
  • 25.5" x 25.5" french acrylic on canvas
  • Framed, ready to hang
"Oh mountain how 
You move those 
In your presence 
Though the rocks you
Rest on remain still. 
You settle on centuries-
Soils housing souls-
Where Lifetimes are passing, 
And Lifelines are grasping,
And time is content 
In your day. 
You watch little black 
Birds with brave red chests, 
Swoop on leftovers 
Led by the wind,
The wind carrying
Clouds-the change containers,
The resilient rain makers,
Swaying the trees,
Calming the seas and you-
You seize the seasons
When we climb on your 
Setbacks in prayers of
Overcoming our own. 
While we bow
In your brilliance,
You bow in our boldness,
And though you’re uncertain 
Your growth is in stillness. 
The witnessing and wondering 
The wonderful wearing,
The change grandeur 
In nature, meta-full
Meaning, you are 
Unstoppable and perhaps,
Unrecognizable to ones,
Once hiking your hills." - Jenan McClain

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