John Duckworth

Stono River 90586


Original photographs by John Duckworth.

Limited edition photograph on canvas, framed in walnut, black, or white. 

Each original photograph by John Duckworth is printed in editions of 5, regardless of size. Standard sizes are 26" x 40"  |  32" x 48"  |  40" x 60". Please contact the gallery for custom sizes and requests. 

Unless previously created for an exhibition, each image and hand built frame is produced to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for production time. 

John Duckworth’s photography provides the viewer with a sense of place, while allowing each individual to embrace the image and channel their own visual history enriched in the power of memory. Infused with a rhythm drawn from life itself, Duckworth’s artwork reflects our natural surroundings while resonating calm and quietness within. His process is derived from a desire to seek inner peace and a balance between one’s true nature and the chaos of the modern world.

This body of work evokes the sea, forest, marsh, and sky in rich bands of saturated color whilst telling a unique story of the horizon through both aesthetic and process. These photographs capture the essence and natural beauty of the Southeastern coastal landscape. Duckworth’s photographs are ingrained with an intimate knowledge of nature and a passion for pure color.

Duckworth approaches the Landscape Abstract series much like a plein aire painter: he “paints” with his camera. The photographs are left in their original state as shot on location in a process Duckworth has perfected. The result straddles Realism, Abstraction and Impressionism, and encompasses an appreciation of the natural beauty of the landscape and human interaction within these environments.

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