Olivia Bonilla

Skull Composition II


Original sculpture by Olivia Bonilla

12in x 7.5x 8.5in

Resin, pigmented cement, acrylic pigment on marbled quartz (Detachable base)

Statement from the artist: 

"Have you ever found yourself laughing or smiling when talking about an uncomfortable situation?

The feeling of reacting to all the challenges that come our way by sugar coating our reality. Veil a negative situation with something sweet. One coping mechanism is to sugar coat inner turmoil, in efforts to break through suffering. I used resin gummy worms to symbolize the journey of adapting and changing. They blend into the pigmented sections of the skull to show how we are constantly trying to adapt and show our true color. On the outside we can appear bright and joyful, but we can not fail to recognize that the trauma will always be there, which is not a bad thing. Humans are incredibly resilient and adaptive to the situations that shape us. We are who we are whether or not we choose to sugar coat how we perceive ourselves or how we are perceived by others. "

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