Olivia Bonilla

Metallic Gold, Set of 3 Gummy Bears

  • Original sculptures by Olivia Bonilla
  • Approx. 40" x 6" when installed as seen 
  • cement, resin, metal flake automotive paint 
  • Each bear is 10" x 6" x 5" 
  • Easy to hang with included hardware 
Currently exhibiting at The Vendue Art Hotel, across the street from Miller Gallery. 
  • "Fall is a time of carnival and community celebration, these Gold Gummies are a tribute to carnival prizes, scoring jackpot and the irresistible glow of gold. Ive always been an admirer of the shimmery sparkle of automotive paint. These Gold Gummies were sprayed with a gold pearl finish, giving a rich car paint finish then hit with a resin gloss."

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