Jenan McClain

Manifest The Storm

  • Original painting by Jenan McClain
  • This textural artwork measures 23" x 29"
  • Artwork is ready to hang in a gold frame
“Manifest the Storm”

Slivering moon shines tonight 
Golden embers burning bright,
Shedding, shielding, softly yielding,
Starry nighted poignant plight

Skies open-telling tales
Mother Earth absorbing wales!
Finessing fingers, gilded grass
Still the time-
Monarched mass. 
Balmy bugs, bitten heart
Trickling rain-here it starts...

Softly speak,
Lies that leak
Leaked into submission,
Leaked into misgiving
Leaked into confusion,
Leaked into intrusion.

Disparaging dialogue,
Internally relayed.,
Disparaging sorrow,
Apology delayed 
Sorry to her,
Sorry to me!
Sorry young,
Tethered tree.  

Twinkling lights, 
Luminous path
Release the sorrowful,
Grieving wrath.  
Kiss the ground, kiss the ashes 
Kiss the drops upon her lashes. 

Hand to womb,
Womb to heart. 
Forgiving words, 
Souls that part.  

Saying sorries,
Say whats right,
Let the clouds 
Engulf the night.  

Burnt sienna, paper flowers,
Taller oaks-protecting towers. 
Walk alone, walk with her 
Walk among the tallest fir!

Silver soul, rising love 
Surprising beauty
Sign above!
Above the devastation,
Into manifestation:

Manifest the storm,
Manifest the sea,
Manifest the sky,
Manifest the tree. 

Manifesting me!

- Jenan

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