Kate Hooray Osmond


  • Original painting by Kate Hooray Osmond
  • 60"h x 72"w x 2.5"d 
  • oil and gold leaf on canvas 
  • hangs from two d-rings on wall 

"From a 1,000 foot view, the surface of the Earth is expansive and delicate. Rivers become highways. Towns are islands. Forests mirror buildings in an image that appears in an instance and vanishes the next: golds, silvers, burning rivers, a racing sky, and glistening houses and factories. The stillness created by the distance of flying high in a helicopter over my world betrays the energy and the powerful potential of the systems below. I capture a moment in the air and translate it onto my canvas: bold colors, lines of glowing energy, and careful moments of pause. I paint places as I understand them rather than how I see them, in order to process how our world outside reflects our world within. I cannot see all that we do with my feet on the ground. A new perspective helps."

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