Scot Rittenbaum

Love Letters Study 1

  • Original artwork by Scot Rittenbaum
  • Artwork is 9" x 12" 
  • Ink on acid free paper

"In 2023, I felt a strong pull to focus on drawings rather than the paintings I had been creating over the recent years. I think I had a yearning akin to wanting to visit old and cherished places and experiences. In retrospect, I wanted to spend time expressing my love for my family through my art.

Somewhat on a whim, I bought some colored pens and pads of paper. And immediately I felt an affinity for the pens - the way they glided or even scratched across the paper; the way they felt in my hand.

I created this series of drawings on 9" x 12" paper which is a scale that felt very intimate to me as I visited very personal imagery and themes of family and love. 

I hope you enjoy, and whether you see the love or not, I hope you feel it." - Rittenbaum

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