Jenan McClain

Coral Crown

  • Original painting by Jenan McClain
  • This textural artwork measures 16" x 19"
  • Artwork is ready to hang in a gold frame
“Coral Crown”

I watch the 
Rising arches-
The truth towers 
And welcomed 
Whispers sleeping 
In luscious lavender-
Scents of honey 
Pursing the warmest 
Hands like blankets 
Delighting her captor,
Dreamy admissions
Taunting charcoal skies-
Tidal treasures of 
Wet wonders resting 
On ocean floors 
In hidden doors of
Undressed promises-
Peaking in honesty,
Honored in hours,
Lighted in lines
Strapped by darkness. 
The early morning 
Moans on moors
Decorated divinely with 
Baby flamingos 
Hesitating on
Lakes glittered 
In wisdom:
Her waters confounding-
The coral sunrise
Crowned in nature


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