Intuition | A group exhibition

On the 2021 Spring Equinox we invite you to listen to your Intuition while viewing 25 interpretations of the Major and Minor Arcana. This day has been viewed as the turning point in the celestial life cycle since Ancient Times. With the pandemic forcing people to look inward, Tarot card use has seen its biggest resurgence since gaining popularity in the 18th century. What do these images mean? How do we interpret them in today’s society? 25 artists were assigned a Tarot card and an 11” x 14” panel to intuitively depict their card. 

Featured artists include:
Scot Rittenbaum
Charlotte Fraser
Charlotte Filbert
Marina Dunbar
Kiah Bellows
Sarah Miller Gelber
Olivia Bonilla
Gret Macintosh
Taylor Faulkner
Christine Bush Roman
Kate Blohm
Sara Pittman
Robin Howard
Julia Deckman
Teresa Roche
Layla Messkoub Ardalan
Lori Seibert
Kate Hooray Osmond
Isabel Bornstein
Rachael Nerney
Lawandas Creations
Laura Dargan
Kenzie Kae
Dixie Purvis

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